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The MLP Art Studio hath returned!!

Visitors to my old site will know that the MLP Art Studio went through a rather, large, uh, lull in activity. Why? Well, basically, I lost interest in art took every last drop of fun out of the medium (for that, they have my thanks. I do not ever wish to do any form of art again, that isn't my own choosing! - Art comes from the soul and can not be taught, especially by incompetent teachers who press only those they find classical in their approach!)

Anyway! Enough of that. I'm back. The scanner has finally been fixed. My friend, the ever-huggable Nord, sent me a copy of Adobe 5.0 and I decided to have a play. This, alas, is the result. A revived, rather yellow update of the MLP Art Studio. Enjoy!

Oh, and incase you're wondering, that pony up there would be Midas, the pony from which the ancient legend was borne, don'tcha know? Evil little swine...was a Vagabond Pony until he got too high and mighty for them. Has a bit of a 'tude. And yes, it's a he. ^_^ Midas is © me, so no takie!

And now for the boring stuff. My Little Pony and all related characters, ideas and such are © Hasbro. Everything else, all original artwork, text, ideas and html is © Selena EMA Thomas and I will send the smooze to get you if you try to take it.