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Cascade Star
Another with no background, my first real attempt at colouring in Adobe 5.0. In fact, this whole website is Adobe 5.0 play. I still haven't figured out a 'realistic' way of doing sparkly hair. Oh well. She was intended as a logo piece, hense the, uh, oddness.
No reason. I was just sat in front the TV, drew a pegasus. Ironically, it took me longer to think of a pegasus to colour her as than it did to draw her. I was determined not to use Firefly, because everyone uses Firefly. Indeed.
Sweet Clover
This is a poor, and odd, attempt to draw a pony in anything from a traditional equinarian pose. Not easy, but great fun to do. And look! It has a background. Not a brilliant background, but one all the same.

And now for the boring stuff. My Little Pony and all related characters, ideas and such are © Hasbro. Everything else, all original artwork, text, ideas and html is © Selena EMA Thomas and I will send the smooze to get you if you try to take it.